About Us


We are a large, loud, hungry, very close and ever expanding family.  It is not unusual for us to share meals multiple times a month with over a dozen people at the table. We get really into our celebrations but always struggled with one problem - we could never keep track of which glass belonged to whom!  Inevitably, we would waste a lot of beverages, alcohol and glasses pouring new drinks at every get together. 

For Christmas 2017, our sister had an idea - what if there was a way to mark our glasses so this problem didn't happen?  We tested our first labels that holiday and they were a success!  We had so much fun with these labels, we decided that we needed to share them with others and Uptableit was born.

We started Uptableit with one simple belief - that every table deserves a little love. Every time people gather to celebrate, connect & enjoy each other’s company, a new memory is created. We want to help make these moments special.

Born from our own family gatherings, our static cling drink charms combine form and function to allow you to bring a little whimsy to your next event. Our labels are all reusable and will cling to the outside of any glass and most hard plastics. Consider us the better alternative to the traditional drink charm.
(Made in USA.)