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Reusable Cheeky Drink Labels (Set of 12)

Reusable Cheeky Drink Labels (Set of 12)

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Have a little fun at your next get together with our cheeky static cling drink decals.  Let each guest keep track of their drink by labeling their glass with a unique saying. Set of 12.

  • I want to go home
  • Sorry about what happens later
  • I am unable to quit as I am currently too legit
  • I saw that. - Karma
  • Older than the internet
  • See you at my intervention
  • Surely not everyone was kung fu fighting
  • I don't like me either
  • Checked my privilege; yup, it's awesome
  • Ok, but wash it first
  • You discussed me
  • I have six words for you

Reusable. Non-adhesive. Static cling.  Will stick to any glass and some plastics.


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